I bet that you have had many ways to keep yourself busy other than school.  If you have not I have made some 5 min crafts that are so easy.  Number one: take a old Shirt cut the sleeves off.  Then cut halfway  up the shirt to make little strings.  To make a 80s shirt.  Number two:  Take another old shirt and cut the sleeves off to make a gym shirt.  Or take a 7 inch can about take a red piece of paper a green and white piece of paper. Cut a strip off both the green and white paper.  Glue them together than glue them onto the red paper decorate however you want i did a watermelon some people do pinapple. then  glue it onto the can and you have a great pencil holder.

i have been playing with my two dogs two they are very playful and love to sleep. Hope you try one of my crafts if you have time. Anyways my dogs are actually sitting next to me while I am writing this. So hope that everybody is dong well in this bizzar time.  Hope you guys have found good ways to have fun at home and not be on a screen all day.


I have not been doing much but doing facetime calls and playing with my two dogs. And with some of my friends and family.  I have been also cooking a lot in one hour and a half  I made a cake cookies chili and coasters. My dog did a backflip while she was catching a frisbee. My dog Allie can she can do it on the beach we through it tords the water at the beach once and she ran and caught it in the water. both of  them are so so so so happy that we are home cause they love to sleep with us. Allie the yellow one is a pitbull lab mix. The other one named trixie is a boxer. Allie is about 5 or 6 years old and Trixie is 10 years old. They get along for the most part but when the fight it is not pretty.  A lot of times when both of them fight we end up spending 1000 dollars at the emergency vet. Anyways they both love getting their tummys rubbed. My dog trixie can jump 10 feet into the air. And yeah I have been doing well hope that you have to hope you had a good break.

my hoop


This weekend after I got home from spring break me and my mom were walking around at Costco. And I saw a basketball hoop since I have wanted one for years. The next day my dad came home with that basketball hoop. He started to put it together then it broke and we found out it was missing 2 major parts. So my mom went to the store and bought a new one. Then me and my mom started to build it. We were missing a piece at least it was not a big piece. So we kept building and building we got the base. So we built the pols to stand the hoop up. then another piece was missing since we still did not return the other basketball hoop we got the piece from that set. We kicked punched and stomped to put this basket ball hoop up when we finally finished it. We were a wreck because it was already 6:00 we spent 5 hours on this hoop. We started to clean up and everyone was sweating. The next day we went to Costco to return the hoop and we had to throw the hoop on one of those big carts.

Colorado Adventure

Over the summer I went to Colorado. I did a lot of very cool things there like climbing mountains. We climbed a mountain called the Flat Irons. The Flat Irons are one of the most famous mountains in Colorado. There are multiple Flat Irons we Climbed the first one (the biggest one) After we got to the top of the mountain me and my parents rappeled rap-el-d. That means lowering yourself from the top of the mountain to the ground. When your are lowering you have a awesome view from up high! Also we had to take a guide to climb with us because we do not know how to clip and all that other stuff on the mountain. plus we have to anchor and we do not have any anchors or know how to use them. To clarify the mountains are in boulder,Colorado. Now I don’t free climb when I am climbing a mountain the equipment I use is a harness special rock climbing shoes and a chalk bag. It is not very safe to free climb. But it is very impressive. One of my favorite rock climbers Alex Honald is very good at free soloing el capitan in California. El capitan is one of the hardest mountains in the united states even with ropes. We Also stayed at a bunch of cool hotels. With pools that you float in and drift one way or another. My trip there was one of a kind we past the tetons which are a great big mountain range. We also went to Yellowstone national park at the beggining of our trip. Their I saw some moose buffulo and other cool animals. After all that our trip was closing up and it was time to start getting ready to go to the airport.

ropes season

ropes season is the season after bouldering. Ropes are on the very tall walls. For ropes they score you different if there is a certain way to do a move and you do it that way you might get extra points. The first competition of the season is in chapel hill on febuary 15 2020. I do love ropes season it is my strength in Rock Climbing. But at local competitions you can see other climbers climb. And then you can do a move there way that you did not get before. At competitions for ropes you can of course have fun. But you have to stay on the same color there are different routes for different age groups. I am a D which is the youngest group competing then comes Cs Bs As and then JRs and after all the age catogorys you are a adult climber. There are adult competitions. Just not as many and they dont have regionals they just do it for fun. Each age group competes with each other. So Ds comete with Ds Cs compete with Cs and so on. . . and in ropes season they have regionals divsionals and nationals too. No different at all from bouldering


This weekend I was at divisionals it was so fun i was the only one who made divisionals there first Competition season. Divisionals is just like regionals but the climbs are way

Divisionals is also a limitation from regionals. On the day of divisionals after everybody climbs the top ten go to day two from day two the top six in each age category go to nationals if you make it to nationals you get to be on YouTube.

After nationals you start in ropes season ropes season is very difficult. Because you are on a bigger rock wall.


Regionals is a championship for the top 16 people at local Competition in each age group.When its your age groups time to climb at regionals they assign you a Climbing number and say every number when its time.The top 10 go to the next level called divisionals.

Before you climb you can not see the other climbers climb the route.Before your number gets called you are put in isolation there is a Climbing wall in the iso so that you can warm up.There are only 6 climbs.You get 4 minutes on the wall 4 minutes off the wall.There is a 5,10,15 and 25 point hold.If you get to the 25 point hold on your 3rd attempt your score is 24.8.They place you however many points you have.Including every climb.People set routes for each age category.  D’s are the youngest age group then C’s after is B’s then A’s and JR’s.Those are all the of the ages that compete.

My First Competition

My first competition was in September 2019.  And it was held at Cliff Hangers Charlotte, NC.

On my first climb I got 10 points.  You might be saying WHAT?  How do you know when it is 10 points?  If you control the hold that says 10 points that is however many points you get.

I was not nervous because my coach prepared me during practices for the competition.  During the competition he also gave me tips on how to climb each route better. One thing I needed to understand is how the judges score my climbing.  If I completed a climb, I got 25 points.  If I only got half of the climb, I got 10 or 15 points.  If I got only a little of the climb, I got either no points or five points.  After the Competition my hard work definitely paid off because I got 7th place.


Life as a climber

I am a rock climber, I started at the age of 5. I was climbing all over everything in my house. I went to my cousins house in Maryland. They took me rock Climbing I wizzed up the wall.

After that my parents knew that my sport was going to be Rock Climbing.

So I signed up for Rock Climbing. It was called First Ascents I learned what a 5.11 was the rating system is very complicated for bouldering and ropes and you might be saying WHAT? But I promise you will know very soon. Bouldering is a type of Rock do not need a harness all you need is Rock Climbing shoes. The rating of bouldering is V0-V10. The highest grade I have done was a V6. The rating for ropes is 5.5 to 5.13.I have done a 5.12. Hope you go Rock Climbing soon!